Road Trip 2002

Los Angeles

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Thursday, Apr 11

Wish it was clear enough to see the sign for real . . unbelievable pollution here!  The photo we took from the freeway was so clouded by smog the letters did not show up.  Nonetheless, the place is amazing.  We went to the NBC Studios this morning to try to get into the Leno show, but Ben Affleck is on tonite and all seats were gone hours before we got there.  We'll give it another shot in the morning.  We did see the set for the Leno Show and the one for Friends.  They are filming the season finale but were on break today so we were able to see the set, but not the stars.

We also did the Warner Brothers Studio tour and it was great.  Very limited ability to take photos but we did get these:


This is the entrance to ER . . We saw Alex Kingston, (the British female doctor) and later, Bradley Whitford (Josh on West Wing).  We were on a stretch golf cart when he walked past . . Carol said "That's Bradley Whitford" and he looked up at her, smiled and said "yes it is!"

The deal to go on the tour is that you cant take stars photos or ask for autographs . . shucks!

They would let us take photos on the "Back Lot" where no filming was in progress.  The saloon doors on the left we have all seen in hundreds of westerns . . the spot in the right photo is where Mongo slugged the longhorn Bull in Blazing Saddles, as well as hundreds of other movies:

We took a cab thru Beverly Hills to Rodeo Drive for a Latte and a qawk at the stars and wannabees. . mostly wannabees. 

Friday, Apr 12

We got up early to try to get tickets Leno again, but no luck . . Carol does not handle getting up early well . . here is a snapshot of her just after waking up:

We went thru Universal Studios today. It is a strange combination of a Theme Park and Studio Tour.  We found a new Hotel that we will move into for the weekend . . nice young man who runs it, but his mother seems a little overbearing at times.  Nice shower . .


Saturday, Apr. 13

We spent the day on Hollywood Blvd. 


We actually started at the Hollywood Chinese Theater where the start do the hand and footprints and then walked down the "Walk of Fame" where the stars are in the sidewalk:


We leave for the drive to the Hearst Castle and Napa Valley in the morning.


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